DJ Profile


DJ Name: DJ_Nutso


Show Name: Mixed Masala


Genre: A unique variety to soothe your our souls only on VOR – You say it…I play it…
Playing what I love when I want to


City: Johannesburg


Country: South Africa


About Me: I am a very observant, quiet, easy going person who observes a lot! I am me… Love me; hate me. It’s your choice 😛


Colour of My Eyes: Hazel


Interests & Hobbies: Music, Gaming,


Favourite Colour: Green


Why I Became a Radio DJ/Presenter: I was asked to give it try…and here I am.


What Song Is Requested Most During Your Show? Disturbed ~ Sound of Silence


Favourite Request Ever Received: Maroela Boom ~ Sexy Hoender


Who Is Your Number One Fan: I don’t know… You tell me.


What Is Your Favourite Band/Singer: I have many favourites for all my personalities!


Who Is Your Hero? (Specify why): Everyone is a Hero in his/her own capacity


Most Embarrassing Moment on Air: Thinking the Mic was off… when it was on… And singing…

and those that know… I DO NOT have a singing voice unless in the car…


Pets: (Love Dogs and Cats)


Star Sign: Taurus