DJ Name: DJ_Reckitt

Show Name: Escape to Euphoria

Genre: Trance and EDM

City: Pretoria

Country: South Africa

About Me: I’m cool, calm and collected

Colour Of My Eyes: Green

Interests & Hobbies: Anything adventurous, hey I’m an adrenaline junkie

Favourite Colour: Blue

Why I Became a Radio DJ/Presenter: I’m passionate about bringing together the best high energy Trance and EDM songs taking you on a journey to your place of euphoria.

What Song Is Requested Most During Your Show? I prepare my shows as I was playing in a club, so I don’t get any requests……just compliments.

Favourite Request Ever Received: N/A

Who Is Your Number One Fan: DJ_TheMan and my better half

What Is Your Favourite Band/Singer: I’ve got so many but Armin Van Buuren has to be my number one.

We both have a passion for high energy trance tracks…….a minimum of 138bpm

Who Is Your Hero? (specify why):N/A

Most Embarrassing Moment On Air: Messing up a transition between two songs

Pets: Dogs

Star Sign: Leo/Virgo