About us


We are an Internet Radio Station, born out of a love for music and the need

to communicate that love to all people we have the potential to reach, using the technology at our disposal.

The Internet is still unexplored, but that is rapidly changing and we aim to be at the forefront of that change.

Voice Over Radio (VOR) was born because a handful of people had one vision and that is to

Unite the World with music and have fun at the same time.

Music is the universal language that everybody understands.

Our aim is to use music to cross the divides that exist between

continents, countries, race, religion, gender and every other divide you can possibly think of.

Using the Internet as a platform, we each work from our own homes.

There is no need for an office and therefore we truly are international, not constrained by our physical location.

This also reduces our carbon footprint, which is a big plus as we strive towards becoming Green Station.


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