DJ Name: DJ_TheMan

Show Name: The Dance Floor

Genre: Trance, progressive, EDM

City: Johannesburg

Country: South Africa

About Me: My love of Music has me dancing through life and sharing that is a passion.

Colour Of My Eyes: Green

Interests & Hobbies: Martial Arts, Pc Games, Outdoors

Favourite Colour: Blue

Why I Became a Radio DJ/Presenter: I love to make people dance

What Song Is Requested Most During Your Show? I do a club mix show so there are no requests

Favourite Request Ever Received: N/A

Who Is Your Number One Fan: My Wife

What Is Your Favourite Band/Singer: Armin van Buuren

Who Is Your Hero? (specify why): What this man done for music is amazing.

Most Embarrassing Moment On Air: Hitting the pause button in the middle of a song

Pets: Dogs, fish

Star Sign: Gemini

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